Rules... 2023-24
i. My decision is final.
ii. 5 pts for an exact prediction, ie predict 3-1, actual score 3-1
iii. 2 pts for a correct prediction, ie predict 3-1 actual score 3-0
iv. Prediction table position will be determined by the following - 
1. Most points
2. Most exacts
3. Most 'others'
v. Should 2 or more people have exactly the same points, exacts & others,
then whoever got their first 'exact' score prediction earliest in the comp shall be placed higher.
vi. If that's the same, then whoever got their second exact (then third etc) shall be placed higher.
vii. If that's the same, then whoever got their first 'correct' prediction earliest (then second etc) shall be placed higher.
viii. "Shirt numbers" is the total of the starting XI shirt numbers v  Forest (a)
ix. "December goals" Total Chelsea goals scored in December. There are 7 Prem and 1 possible Lge Cup games scheduled.
x. "Goals v Bournemouth" Total of Chelsea goals scored against Bournemouth. Prem, FA Cup and Lge Cup. 
xi. "Nkunku" All 23/24 Chelsea goals scored by Nkunku. Includes Prem, FAC, and Lge Cup games.
xii. League Position
xiii. League Points
xiv League Home wins.
xv. 5pts to exact or nearest prediction of  any 'others' (viii - xiv)
xvi. Penalties scored in penalty shoot outs do not count in any 'goals scored predictions'.
xvii. It is the previous winners responsibility to engrave the shield for the new winner.
xviii. My decision is still final, so fark awf....
£5 entry